When You Were Born You Were Perfect




When you were born, you came to this planet; you were perfect and pure. You had no worries, no fears and no attachments. You were safe in the knowledge that you were supported and connected to everything – to everyone, to Source –and to you, the beautiful, unique soul who had a distinct role to play in the World.

You were born into in your natural state of pure joy and peace.

You knew your purpose- the gift you had come to deliver, in the way that only you can, to the specific group of people who were waiting for your exact solution.

But somewhere along the way, you have forgotten what you came in to do. It was like someone just wiped out your memories, you suffered total amnesia.

So you started to live your life as a newborn baby and begun to learn new things. People had more experience than you, so just you copied what they were doing, and acquired habits. the thoughts and beliefs of others around you contaminated your mind. They convinced you that their plan for your life was better or more secure.

Instead of allowing you to bring forth the unique contribution you got sidetracked in believing that you better get a job and get security.

So, how were you so easily distracted?

Well, those other people were people you loved and trusted – your parents, family and teachers. They were people who wanted the best for you and who believed that their greater life experience meant that they knew better than you.

Your loved ones infected you with the beliefs that they learned from their families and friends. Others taught you that your mission was only a dream and that it was much safer to follow a career that others had emulated successfully. They convinced you to pursue their idea for you. They encouraged you to get a qualification and get a job.

These people loved you and they believed they were keeping you safe. You became a victim of other people’s beliefs.

However, those other people were not you

No matter how much they cared for you, they couldn’t possibly know who you are and what you were meant to do.

You started waking up to the possibilities that all were not what you envisaged in your life. You were getting bored, stressed and wondering is that all there is, work, eat and sleep (sometimes play too)

Something deep inside you was waking up, your awareness of others' thoughts lead you to new beliefs and sometimes questioned your own parents' point of view too. You were curious and investigated other ways of doing and thinking. You started to become your self again. Leaving the egoic self behind and reconnecting with Self.

Most importantly, you realised that you had created separation. Separation from Source, from other people and from the very work that was intended to make your heart sing.

It’s not too late to end the separation

To reconnect with who you are and the purpose you were born to fulfil. Your mind is exhausted from the effort of trying to figure out what that message is but you know with the gut instinct that you have a message.

Want to know why?

You have been looking in the wrong place.

Your message is not in your mind; it is in your heart.

And now that you know that, are you ready to re-connect with your message?

if you are and desire to take action I offer a 30 mins discovery session if you are serious about uncovering the genius in you.

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