About Enrico Massani

AKA "The Heart Decoder"

Born in Paris to Italian parents, Enrico Massani has been living and working in the United Kingdom for 30 years.

For many years Enrico Massani has operated two parallel careers, one as an Internet Marketer and one as a Business Coach.

While helping coaches and consultants market their practices, Enrico Massani observed that people fall into two distinct categories: people who thrive, and people who struggle to find their calling.

Successful people are the ones who are clear on their vision, mission and clear on their message. They are operating from what drives them–their authentic self. They love their work and effortlessly attract their ideal clients.


It is clear to me that a coach’s ability to resonate with clients is simply a reflection of how their message resonates within THEMSELVES.

People who struggle to attract and keep clients are the people who are attempting to deliver a message that does not come from who they are.

That’s why it’s not enough to just copy what is working for someone else (they are NOT you!). To piece together a ‘pastiche niche’ from your past experience and qualifications – especially if you didn’t really enjoy them! or, even worse, just go after where you think the money is! Those routes require a lot of motivation to overcome your heart’s resistance to what your mind thinks it wants to achieve.

Your heart already knows your pupose. Your mind doesn’t have that information—that’s why it’s so difficult to work it out on your own.

As a Heart Decoder, I work with conscious heart-centred people to go deep into who they are and to let go of the limiting belief that their ‘real self’ will not be good enough.  I often see coaches get clarity in their pupose after only one or two sessions.

Your pupose is not ‘out there somewhere’.

It is who you are.

Coaching is a one-to-one meeting of hearts. It does not work if your heart is not in it!

If you are ready to let go of trying to figure out the false self in your head, and you are ready to reveal the true power of who you really are, schedule a free Discovery Session