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I can help you to create the impact on the world that you have always secretly dreamed of. You know what I'm saying yeah the one that you had for years but hidden it away.

You can have all the strategies, all the gizmos and all the tricks in the world to make a success, but if you feel dead inside and out of sync or alignment with who you are then, it is no fun.

If you feel that you have an intense heartfelt calling to make a difference in the world, whether as a business or an individual but don’t have the clarity of purpose or the inner and outer alignment you need to fulfil your mission.

I offer two consultations and coaching plans to determine the best approach for your objectives. The programmes will help you build the vision, and mission reconnects with self.

I'm here to guide you through and get out of your OWN way to becoming the best version of you. It is not just about getting more information it is about insights and genuine transformation.

Be joyful with a deep knowing that it is OK.

[op_testimonial_slider testimonial_title_font_size="20" testimonial_title_font_font="Shadows Into Light" testimonial_title_font_color="#b6b172" font_size="20" font_font="The Girl Next Door" font_style="italic" font_color="#b6b1720" style="6" animation_type="default" animation_loop="n" slideshow_autostart="y" animation_speed="700" slideshow_speed="7000" title="What My Clients Have to Say" subtitle="" title_color="#22286a" background_color="#abafdc" columns="1"][op_testimonial_slide title="Agueda Burgos Ruiz" company="Agueda Burgos Energy Healing" image="https://enricomassani.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Agueda-Burgos.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]I am so grateful with Enrico, he allowed me to see my truth essence and what I am here to do: empowering people through love, facilitating the healing of their physical and emotional pain. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am.[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Kate Thomson" company="" image="https://enricomassani.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Kate-Thomson.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]Enrico is all heart and soul. I can't recommend working with him enough. He has helped me so much, in so many ways. It is rare to meet such a gem of a person, who has the ability to communicate in a way that just makes total sense.[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Helga Jensdottir" company="Serenity EFT" image="https://enricomassani.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Helgo-Jensdottir.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]Enrico is a genius at helping you align with who you really are and what your unique message is. He coaches you at such a high level, I can highly recommend him. Also check out his new book The joy of connection! It will speak to you in a very powerful way.[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Jenny Schmal" company="http://rejener8.com" image="https://enricomassani.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/jenny-schmal.jpg" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]Enrico Massani listens so that he hears the question behind the question, he allows you to answer the question yourself simply by being present in the moment and holding a space for your Truth to arise... highly recommended[/op_testimonial_slide][/op_testimonial_slider]