Fit For Purpose

30-Days of Self-discovery

It is time to rejuvenate and press the reset button!

In this new world of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous), we require new skills to navigate constant change. We all have to become more resilient- Mentally, emotionally and physically. 


Taking time to breathe and reconnect to your purpose without feeling the presssure to have or to do.


Time to re-imagine what the world can look like. Re-imagine your vision of Self.


Pulling it all together and moving forward with commitment and conviction that you can be YOU.

About Your Guide 

Enrico Massani

 I am an Intuitive Guide and author. I've helped coaches and healers with their Purpose for over ten years. I intuit the reconnection to their vision & mission so they feel aligned with their core values & live a life they love with an abundance of energy.

Enrico Massani

Go on the 30-day journey with me.

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Fit for purpose 

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journey Package


The benefits of the work is liberating and freeing for the soul. What you get!!!

Daily nudges.
Working from your blueprint.
Be part of a community of like minded-souls.
And much more.


Weekly Clubhouse Q & A with me.


In just a few short weeks, I have developed an effective way of working, without the fear of burning out again. I have gained structure, learned how to set reasonable goals, and as a result, my confidence has grown dramatically..

Dorrit Karlsen

Dorrit Karlsen

Heart Guide & Hypnotherpist


I have been stuck for a while & he gently released things I wasn't aware of as well as some I thought I'd previously released. Enrico has such a beautiful way of working & I highly recommend a session or two with him. Thank you Enrico, I feel calmer, lighter & unstuck.".

Lisa Bowen

Lisa Bowen

Elisi Coaching

Answers  before you ask

How do I access the retreat?

All materials will be delivered via Enrico's platform.  Follow the instructions when you receive the email. 

You can download the app or log on to the platform via your computer.

How long can I access the course?

The programme is a 30-day retreat. You will have access for the duration plus two days after to catch up if needed. 

What happens when I sign up?

I will send you an email granting access to the platform. When you log on, complete your profile to receive daily notifications about your nudges for the day.

What happens if I miss a day?

It is self-paced and self-directed. Like a retreat, go at your speed. You can catch up. 

How is it delivered?

It is web-based, mobile or computer. I send you a daily activity to act or reflect on. Mixture of activies, assessments and reflections.  Also weekdays catch up Live on Clubhouse to share experiences.

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