I help exhausted coaches with extended to-do lists to overcome their frustrations and doubts in breaking the six-figure barriers.

Regain your energy, focus and learn to let go at control.

One on One Coaching for fast track results 

 Accountability  Group for life long learning 

Peer to peer coaching for sharing experiences 

Are you a Coach, Healer that struggles to get the results you're hoping for?

You might...

Struggle to stay focused.
Procrastinate or think time is running out.
Lose interest and quit your plan.
Feel overwhelmed by your to-do lists.
Are confused about what you should do next.
Don't know where to start.

Now imagine waving "Au revoir" stuckness et "bonjour" Joie de Vivre & clarity.

When you simplify your life with Enrico, you Re-Connect with Self, gain Clarity and Commit to taking Action without feeling ovewhelmed and you...

Wake up everyday feeling energised and roaring.
Know which micro-steps to take to reach your goal.
Fall in love with life again.
Have clarity on creating priorities that are correct for you.
Operate in your own rhythm and tempo.
Rekindle your inner child again and go on an adventure everyday.

Meet your guide, Enrico Massani 

I'm an author & coach who likes to describe myself as a "heart decoder" - because I help you love what you do and create the business & life you really want without destroying your soul.

I know what it feels like to LONG for a life that makes an impact and an income. 

Like you, I aspired to make a difference in people's lives, and I also wanted the choice to do that on my own terms. 

So that's what I did. Like an onion, I peeled layers upon layers and stayed clear of anything that looked ambiguous or was draining my spirit. Instead, I went toward unity -- and I followed the joy.

I can show you precisely what I have taught many other people just like you: how to create simple micro-steps to get your life back on track.

A process that you can set up and run in a matter of days, not months or years. Even if you've been struggling for a long, long time.

Enrico Massani

All you require is a commitment: to the vision, you have for yourself, and to giving just a few minutes a day to creating a life, the unity, and the freedom you're looking for. 

You can do this. I can empower you.

Working with Enrico is easy.


Together, we'll discover what's holding you back.  .


We'll develop a plan for success that is customised to you.  


We'll celebrate your newfound freedom in life  

Here's What People Are Saying...

Lisa Bowen

Lisa Bowen

Elisi Therapies

"I have been stuck for a while & he gently released things I wasn't aware of as well as some I thought I'd previously released. Enrico has such a beautiful way of working & I highly recommend a session or two with him. Thank you Enrico, I feel calmer, lighter & unstuck."

Agueda Burgos

Agueda Burgos Ruis

Healer & Psychotherapist

"I am so grateful with Enrico, he allowed me to see my truth, essence and what I am here to do: empowering people through love, facilitating the healing of their physical and emotional pain.  There are no words to tell you how grateful I am."  

My promise to you

I will keep my teaching simple and giving you actionable steps that get results.

Remind you of shiny objects and hype that can distract you. 

That heart and mind can unite to create harmony in all you do.

I will keep it light and joyful as life is meant to be.

To be frank and honest.

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