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Want to Make your Magic your Work in the World?

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Dreams are just one piece of the puzzle to have an aligned business.

To get to use all of who you are in a business that is a joy to run.

To build a community that sees you and values you, and pays you for your gifts and expertise.

It’s Not Always Easy or Obvious to Know How to Move Forward

You may think you have all the gizmos, know all the strategies, and all the tricks in the world to make a success, but if you feel empty inside and out of sync or misaligned with who you are.

t is challenging to live a life with no spark but also energy draining.

Or you may feel you've tried over and over again to get your work off the ground and failed.

I can help you to create the impact on the world that you have always secretly dreamed of. It's time to unleash it and serve the world.

With me, you get a collaborator who combines expertise in marketing and strategy with a focus on the whole person. And the unique magic they bring into the world.

I help people ditch exhausting transactional marketing practices and build a community-focused way of building their businesses instead.

The Most Powerful Way I Can Help: A Unique Program to Get You Moving in Ways You Have Never Tried Before

I created this programme for those that feel called in service especially for these individuals who are already invested in aligning their business with their personal values and creating a positive impact

You've always danced to the beat of your own drum, haven't you? As a Heart-Centred Go-Getter, you combine your entrepreneurial spirit with genuine compassion. You're not just in it for the game; you're here to make a difference, to uplift, to transform. While profit is a measure of success, impact is your true metric. I recognise your passion, and I'm devoted to helping you create a business that reflects your heart's true mission.
On the crossroads of a career transition or redefining your venture? You're a Purposeful Pathfinder, seeking more than just a paycheck or title. Every step you take is guided by a deep sense of purpose, and you're on a quest to align your professional life with your inner calling. You believe work should be an extension of one's soul and essence. Dive in with me, and let’s navigate this journey of purposeful alignment together.
Innovation isn't just about technology or the next big thing for you; it's about intuition, understanding, and mindfulness. As an Intuitive Innovator, you trust your gut, embracing a holistic approach to business. You see the bigger picture, understanding that true innovation comes from a blend of insight, empathy, and foresight. I aim to cultivate and fine-tune your intuitive prowess, driving both personal and professional growth.

Seeking guidance and coaching services to further enhance their purpose-driven approach and find greater meaning in their business ventures or careers. 

This one-on-one programme is six months long and has three phases. 

Phase One: Transform Your Understanding of Who You Are

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique gifts and talents..
Learn to appreciate yourself for who you are, flaws and all.
Feel more motivated and inspired to take action on your dreams.

Phase Two: Develop a Vision of Who You Can Be in the World

Clarify your dreams and goals for the future.
Create a plan for how you can make your dreams a reality.
Feel more motivated and inspired to take action on your dreams.

Phase Three: Bring Your Vision into the World

Learn how to market your work in a way that is authentic to you.
Build a community of supporters who believe in you and your work.
Feel more confident and capable of bringing your vision into the world.

Here is what you get 

Enrico pointing
3 x 60 mins sessions per month for six months
Unlimited asynchronous messages via Voxer on business days.
Unlimited email replies within 24 hours on business days.
Access to our client portal. And keep a record of All and worksheets.
Lots of resources – video- Worksheets- eBooks and on topic like mindset, meditation, marketing, sales and many more.

The Gene key and Human design charts are supports for the work will do. It will point us to what can work better. They are your blueprint and can give some real insights on how to explore and utilise this uniqueness and brilliance.

The investment for this programme starts at £1000 per month

Let's make your vision for your work a reality!

I invite you to join me in a 30-minute exploratory consultation.

In that call, we will reawaken whatever that long-held dream of work is that has been out of reach, and you will leave with a plan of action or the following steps to take.

We will also discuss how I can support you to see yourself in a new light and sustain your energy and creativity as you build the community to support your desired work.

Click on the button below to schedule your exploratory call with me. I look forward to meeting you.

Unsure if you can commit to a six month programme then why not unlock immediate business clarity with our deep dive focus session.

Are you eager to infuse mindfulness into your business but hesitant about a lengthy engagement?

Discover the power of focused attention in our 90-minute Deep Dive Session for £97.

Embracing the journey of a solo business owner goes beyond mere metrics. It’s about passion, innovation, and overcoming challenges. 

Sometimes, taking a significant leap feels daunting, especially with long-term commitments. That’s why I’ve created this potent 90-minute session to give you immediate clarity without the strings attached.

Key benefits

Immediate Insight: Get a deep understanding of your operations in just 90 minutes..
Crystal Clear Vision: Refresh and redefine your goals, ensuring they mirror your inner values.
Tailored Mindfulness Techniques: Experience peace amidst business turmoil tailored for the fast-paced entrepreneur.
Actionable Growth Map: Walk away with a growth blueprint that aligns with your business's true essence.
A Safe Haven: A space to freely express, be recognized, and draw from collective experiences.

Why this session

Bite-sized Wisdom: Enjoy the benefits without the prolonged commitment.
Mindful Advancement: Prioritize growth with a purpose, maintaining your well-being.
Guidance with Heart: Leverage our seasoned expertise, tailored for the solo entrepreneur.
Tangible Outcomes: Not just insights – actionable strategies you can implement immediately.

Exclusive Bonus: Commit to this deep dive now and receive my gift: "5 Mindful Moments for the Dynamic Entrepreneur." A serene break amidst the business rush.

Ready for a Game-Changing 90 Minutes?

If you’ve ever felt the tension between expanding and staying genuine or hesitated to commit to a long-term program, this is for you. Dive deep into growth, purpose, and mindful alignment without the extended timeline.

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