Meet Enrico.

A little about me.

Hello, I'm Enrico.

My life has been a symphony of diverse notes, from challenging overtures to harmonious crescendos, each shaping my purpose – guiding souls like yours to a fulfilling destiny

Enrico Guide to trailblazers

From a Quiet Beginning to a Resonant Life

My journey began in the quiet corners of a world where a stutter held my voice captive. 

Yet, in this silence, I learned to listen – to the subtle nuances of life and the unspoken words of the heart. Overcoming the taunts for my stutter and glasses, I embraced resilience, turning my perceived weaknesses into the bedrock of my empathy and understanding..

A Crucial Turning Point

Adversity struck a defining chord at the age of 8, when a car accident left me with a broken leg, just as school was starting. 

Those months of recovery weren't just about healing physically; they were my first lessons in feeling left behind and striving to catch up – a theme that echoed throughout my life until I found its deeper meaning.

Embracing My True Self

As a teenager, I faced one of my most significant challenges: accepting and revealing my identity as a gay man. 

The estrangement from my family that followed was painful, yet it propelled me on a path of self-discovery and authenticity. 

Even the cold nights of uncertainty on the streets of Paris could not dampen the spirit that eventually led me to my true calling.


The Path to Guide Others.

Professionally, I climbed the ranks, seeking success in the world of business coaching, yet I felt  unfulfilled. 

The realisation dawned that fulfilment lay not in external achievements but in aligning with our inner magic – the unique melody that each of us carries within.

Your Symphony Awaits

Your story, with its hopes and hurdles, resonates with me. 

Like my journey, it's filled with unique notes waiting to be played harmoniously. 

I'm here to guide you through self-doubt and burnout, to help you see trends and translate them into tangible results, just as I learned to do.

Together, Creating Harmony

Let's build a world where your work is not just a dream but a living, thriving reality. 

We'll navigate this path together – from rekindling your inner spark to creating a community that resonates with your vision and values.

Embark on Your Journey

This is your invitation to a transformation – a 30-minute consultation where we'll ignite your long-held dreams and map out the steps to a fulfilling future. 

Together, we'll ensure that your work aligns with your true self, creating a symphony of success, peace and satisfaction. Book your call with me

I am on a mission 

I am passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. I have an unwavering belief that everyone has something unique and special to offer the world. 

They understand the importance of recognising and accepting the beauty of our differences and embracing our shared humanity. 

I am devoted to helping people move beyond the struggles of the past and into a place of joy and purpose. I am committed to creating a more harmonious world by connecting people and inspiring them to reach their highest potential.

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