Meet Enrico.

A little about me.

I had a great childhood with no major drama.

Do you believe that...

Life is an opera (I wonder who said that, but I like it). 

True, we create drama as if we need it to justify life.

I had a terrible stammer, so I kept quiet and did not say much, but I was observing a lot. Witnessing all events is a great way to be part of life. A blessing that I acknowledge later on in life.

I remember a few episodes at school being made fun of because of my speech impediment . I had a few fights over it. It was part of my life.

And also being bullied because I had spectacles. Name-calling and other nasties. Children are lovely, but they can be cruel.

I never felt I belonged anywhere.

I was the weird one and played with other weird ones.

Another incident at 8 years old was when I was hit by a drunken driver I fell off my bike and broke my leg.

It was one of those things, but I did not make the connection till very recently to what had become a wound in my life that I did not know I had.

This accident happened the day before school started in France, where I grew up; it was mid-September.

Yeah, we had 2.5 months of holiday (lucky us, eh).

I remember these holidays as bliss. My parents sent us to summer camp and away for a long stint in Italy at my aunt's.

So many fond memories we still reminisce at family get together.

I will talk a bit more about this later…

So I spent 3 months in the hospital and a few more at home in a cast. I was missing school and my friends. I felt I was falling behind. 

All my life, I had a feeling of never being able to catch up.

Always felt behind things, so I never thought I knew enough.

This recent recognition made so much sense, and I could finally complete the puzzle.

This little incident became the most significant pain for me in my adult life, never enough. Always trying to catch up on things.

Can you see the pattern? At 8 years of age, I was trying to catch up on school work and this insatiable thirst for learning; never enough was born.

Wow, wow, what a discovery.

Remember, I never felt that I belonged anywhere.

Well, here is the reason for it.

In France, I was considered Italian till the age of 18 when they asked me to do my military; then, I was French for the authority. 

Weird right? 

Lucky for me, I didn't have to do it. I had a powerful prescription for spectacles I was made exempt.

Phew, what a relief never liked the army or being told what to do and when to do it.

But I was the little French boy when I visited Italy every summer. And got teased for my accent.

So how confusing is that for a young mind?

Later in my life, a friend coined, "Enrico, you are a child of the universe."

I totally agree with that.

I feel at home where ever I put my head on a pillow.

Adolescence was painful in so many ways. A lot of growth…

My journey truly began at 17

when I stepped into who I was for the first time. 

When I came out as gay, which fractured my relationship with my father. I had to leave home. We didn't speak for three years. 

I was no longer his son. 

I was disowned. It was hard, but I pushed it aside, living my life the way I wanted and living with my partner.

Then, I ended up on the street of Paris for nearly a year.

Couch surfing some days and others sleeping in doorways.

I learnt some great lessons on the street about resilience, and life is what you make of it.

I managed to finish my studies and got a job after graduation.

After many years in regular jobs, I felt unfulfilled. Something was missing.


Seeking meaning in life

I embarked on a path of healing.

Knowing that I was being called but could not speak due to a stammer, my first mentor, a healer, worked on my throat chakra.

Now I was beginning to hear my voice. It was time to discover who I really was.

I am certified as a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy, which changed my life. 

I was like a sponge and sought knowledge in meditation, various healing modalities, numerology, massage, etc. It opened my mind to possibilities.

I have never looked back since.

Then, I certify as a Life and Developmental coach and later as a Business Coach.

In 2011 My whole life turned upside down when I lost everything dear to me.

My relationship with my partner ended, the house I loved and worked so hard for was gone, and my practice vanished.

I suffered a major burnout and was angry at the world.

This added to my sense of despair and dented my self-confidence.

So, my logical mind concluded, "I am not good enough. I must improve myself."

Finding myself

So I took more training courses and invested heavily in self-development and marketing programmes until my credit cards were maxed out, and I only avoided bankruptcy.

I spent 12 years trying to determine what was wrong with me and what was the missing piece of the puzzle?

Of course, another marketer was always ready to offer me that missing piece of the puzzle and sell me the next masterclass or promise to get my business back on track.

Finding Enrico

With each new promise

I took out my credit card and signed up,

I thought to myself…

This is it! This time will be different.

This time I will discover the trick I need to know.

Now I will open the floodgates to a steady stream of clients and business success.

But every time was like Groundhog Day

I would start out with great enthusiasm and optimism

I sat through hours of videos

I redesigned my website.

Described by "avatar."

Redefined my "Why?" - why I wanted to make money (as if it had never occurred to me before- isn't the point of a business to make money?)

However, after working through the materials and trying to fix me, somewhere about 6 weeks down the line,
When I had completed the programme and added another shiny folder to my "shelf help" collection. 

I came to the realisation that I was no further forward, just got back where I started.

Still stuck, dazed, dazzled and bewildered and another couple of thousand dollars deeper in debt.

This pattern continued until I was so exhausted and overwhelmed that I just burned out.

I had no strength left to fight. I felt emotionally brankrupt, mentally exausted and physically drained.

I wasn't running my business. 

My business was running me -ragged!

I lost sight of my vision.
I no longer jumped out of bed in the morning
I had fallen out of love with my business

My dream had become a living nightmare.
I was running out of options- fast!

The last straw was when there was no room left on my credit card to invest in yet another programme.

So there was no one else to turn to for advice.

My partner was tired of seeing me work all day with no results and no money to contribute to the household income.

I had to get a job.

The thought horrified me.

I was used to being my own boss, and my joy was helping others find joy in their business.
But I had reached rock bottom.

The six-figure business coach started work in a corner shop.

It felt like a massive failure,

but that was just my mind's interpretation of the situation.

Now, looking back,

I see it for what it was. 

Rock bottom was the end of the downward spiral I was creating with my thoughts, I had to be taken to that place.

So that I could start the journey back up to recover myself.

To take back my power.

To stop searching outside of myself for the answers

I had to learn to let go of the belief that "other people" held the key to my success,
that they knew stuff that I didn't know, that the only way I could get the missing piece of the puzzle was to pay them for it.

And even when I completed each new program,

And, yet again, it had failed to reveal the missing piece of the puzzle. 

I still was ready to sign up for the following promise.

I was disconnected from my power,
And my beliefs were preventing me from remembering the truth.

The truth was that I already had all the answers I needed,

but while I didn't trust myself, I didn't know how to ask myself and receive the answers.

No one had shown me how to tap into the resources I had, and I believed that life was happening to me, not created by me.

I had to remember

(i) to ask myself and 

(ii) how to ask.

That journey took 12 years.

I wrote my book about niching linking heart and mind for coaches. I understood my strengths, what motivates me, and how I make my best decisions. That was a hard one to accept, as it was the opposite of how I used to make decisions. Listening to your body and waiting for things to develop requires a lot of patience to find peace.

I started to see hope for all my business skills to be put in service of a higher vision, not just helping my clients make six figures but helping them create businesses that make more an impact and a better, more cooperative world.

Building communities that support them and foster those values rather than being stuck in transactional marketing.

I worked with clients and helped them see themselves more clearly and to build their businesses from there.

To finally write the book and make it available to others.

To finally lead the retreat, they dreamed of becoming the full-time coach they loved to be.

But that doesn't mean that you need to spend 12 years to remember
Now that I know how I am creating my life experiences.

It is my desire to share what I discovered so that you can bypass that journey.

You can let go of the belief that other people have the answers you are looking for that other people know better than you do about your business path and your heart's desire.

That other people know what you should do!

That other people can see the road ahead better than you can – even though you are in the driver's seat!

Are you ready to take back your power?

And start from a position of knowing and trusting that you have everything you need.

There is nothing to fix: you are perfect as you are
You are not broken; it's just a temporary disconnection.

Let's get your Mojo back! Get in touch here

I am on a mission 

I am passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. I have an unwavering belief that everyone has something unique and special to offer the world. 

They understand the importance of recognising and accepting the beauty of our differences and embracing our shared humanity. 

I am devoted to helping people move beyond the struggles of the past and into a place of joy and purpose. I am committed to creating a more harmonious world by connecting people and inspiring them to reach their highest potential.

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