Book Your 20-minute Coffee Chat 

If you're interested in what I can do for you but not yet ready to take the plunge, no problem!

I invite you for a chat to explore if what I do is right for you. 

No obligation, no stress: just a friendly chat to answer whatever questions you have. 

I'll also be happy to hear whatever you'd like to share about where you're at and what your goals are, and based on that, offer you a candid read on how well our programmes are (and aren't!) a fit for what you seek. 

You'll leave with a clear picture of whether or not my programme is what you're looking for. 

If you're like many who take us up on this intro chat, you'll find it a breath of fresh air to know that what we've done for so many others could work for you as well.


What clients say about me

Dorrit Karlsen

In just a few short weeks I have developed an effective way of working, without the fear of burning out again. I have gained structure, learned how to set reasonable goals and as a result my confidence has grown greatly.

Dorrit Karlsen

Heart Leadership Coach

Terri Wilmot Rock

The 28-Day Focus Formula was truly an eye-opening study of what I was accomplishing throughout my daily activities.  His time-blocking schedule helped me complete my tasks for the day without the stress of interruptions that would normally take away my focus

Terri Wilmot-Rock

COO 5 Star digital Agency

Lisa Bowen

I have been stuck for a while & he gently released things I wasn't aware of as well as some I thought I'd previously released. Enrico has such a beautiful way of working & I highly recommend a session or two with him. Thank you Enrico, I feel calmer, lighter & unstuck.

Lisa Bowen

Elisi Coaching