Mindful Task Identification: Nourishing Your Maverik Spirit


In the hustle of the entrepreneurial realm, tasks beckon at every turn. Yet, remember, Maverik, not all tasks sparkle with the same gleam. Some invigorate, aligning with our true selves, while others blur our vibrant path.

The Maverik challenge?

But how do you differentiate a task that merely fills time from one that fulfils you? Let's explore.

Personal Anecdote:

I once found myself at a crossroads: to attend a generic business seminar or to spend an afternoon mentoring budding entrepreneurs. 

The Maverik in me chose the latter, and I gained more than just fulfilment. I connected with spirited individuals, some of whom later became invaluable collaborators. 

Just remember the little things that make your heart sing count.

Understanding Mindful Tasks:

Visualise standing at a juncture: one path sprawled with monochrome, routine tasks; the other, bursting with colours of tasks that challenge, excite, and resonate. 

A mindful job isn't just a check on a to-do list. It aligns with your passion, serves a Maverik purpose, and leaves a lasting satisfaction echo.

Remember what Lao Tzu said, "At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want." 

It's about tapping into that center when choosing your tasks.

The Detrimental Effects of Overlooking Mindful Tasks:

It's more than just burnout or fleeting dissatisfaction. Pushing authentic tasks to the shadows can blur your unique path, perhaps even diverting you from your Maverik mission.

How to Recognize and Prioritize Mindful Tasks:

Here's a Maverik challenge for you: 

List your week's tasks. 

Now, identify which tasks make your spirit soar. 

You can even use a scale from 1 to 10 and feel how the task measures (1 being yuk, it drains me 10, you feel on top of the world). Which aligns with both your business vision and your inner Maverik values? Those, dear readers, are your mindful tasks

Actionable Tips:

To ensure you don't overlook your mindful tasks, try this simple Maverik method:

At the start of each week, colour-code your tasks based on alignment with your Maverik spirit.
Assess the energy each job requires and the joy it brings. Balance is key..

Point of Reflection:

When was the last time a task made you lose track of time because you thoroughly enjoyed it?

Can you think of a task you're avoiding because it doesn't resonate with your Maverik spirit?


The Maverik way isn't just about working smart; it's about working with authenticity. Every task chosen with mindfulness is a step closer to a business that's not just successful but soulful.

Schedule a Focus Call today to discuss how you can infuse your daily business ritual with the Maverik touch. I will work with you to identify your mindful tasks and help you prioritize them to align with your business vision and inner Maverik values.

Imagine your desk with only the tasks that ignite your Maverik spirit. Let's make that a reality.

Enrico Massani
Enrico Massani

Enrico Massani is an evolutionary guide enabling pioneers to design a life that they love and create a business that they are proud of without compromising on their core values. Enrico is passionate about creating change sustainably. He loves good food, enjoys nature, meditation and contemplation. He lives in Edinburgh Scotland.