Purposeful Goals: Sculpting Milestones with Maverik Precision


In the Maverik's journey, goals are not just checkpoints; they are echoes of our innermost drives. 

In the bustling marketplaces and boardrooms, it's not the quantity but the quality of these goals that distinguishes a true Maverik.

My Personal Maverik Story:

There was a chapter in my saga where numbers and accolades overshadowed purpose. 

It took a serene sunset of reflection to understand: my most glittering achievements felt hollow without a Maverik spirit infused within them. 

I then chose to sculpt impressive goals and imbued with the essence of my mission to integrate mindfulness into entrepreneurship.

Understanding Purposeful Goals:

In the Maverik cosmos, goals are like constellations—patterns that give meaning to the celestial journey. They must be crafted with intention, aligned with Maverik's ethos, and designed to illuminate the path of genuine progress..

Reflecting on the wise words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

To this, Maverik adds, "A goal without purpose is merely a fleeting dream."

The Maverik Compass:

When your goals vibrate with your Maverik frequency, they cease to be mere destinations. They become a compass—guiding, inspiring, and aligning your enterprise's trajectory with the true north of your purpose.

Here is my a Maverik goal. 

"By the end of 2024, I aim to have Mindful Mastery Online well-established as a nurturing hub for entrepreneurs. I'll measure this by the active participation of a core community that consistently engages with our content and each other. We'll be celebrating the launch of our first series of masterclasses that integrate mindful practices with business strategy, and we'll be on our way to developing the 'well' resource model that ensures a continual exchange of wisdom and resources inspired by the I Ching. Each quarter leading up to this point will have its own set of objectives, making the journey feel like a series of steps rather than a single leap."

Reflecting on the wise words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

As Maveriks, we transcend— "A goal without purpose is merely a mirage."

How to Craft Purposeful Goals:

Crafting purposeful goals is about aligning your business objectives with your Maverik essence. 

These goals offer more than growth; they provide clarity and an authentic sense of accomplishment. 

To get started, sit and reflect on what ignites the Maverik within and recalibrate if necessary.

Crafting Maverik-Aligned Milestones:

To forge goals that resonate with a Maverik's intention:

Contemplate what fuels your Maverik fire.
Infuse each objective with elements of your unique mission.
Aim for purposes that catalyse not just business evolution but personal and community enrichment.

Reflecting Maverik Achievements:

Do your ambitions mirror the depths of your Maverik soul? Are they conduits for your most profound aspirations?


Maverik's goals are more than milestones; they are mantras that guide our enterprise and spirit alike. They compel us to rise, not just in stature but in substance.

If your goals don't yet sing with Maverik harmony, let's compose a masterpiece together. Join me for a 30-minute Focus Call where we'll fine-tune your aspirations to the frequency of your Maverik purpose.

Enrico Massani
Enrico Massani

Enrico Massani is an evolutionary guide enabling pioneers to design a life that they love and create a business that they are proud of without compromising on their core values. Enrico is passionate about creating change sustainably. He loves good food, enjoys nature, meditation and contemplation. He lives in Edinburgh Scotland.