Have you ever felt lost? Dislocated not knowing which direction to turn to?

Feeling that things are not working out the way you want them to,  not having the "right" career or making the wrong choice to living in a particular, neighbourhood, city or country.  

If you answer yes, then...

Allow yourself to practice self-care and make yourself a priority by practising self-leadership. Let yourself set your own course.

Every day, you make decisions that you think will align with what is you want to do. Who it is you need to be, or where it is you desire to go, only to discover that you may not be living the life you were meant to live or being the authentic self that you are supposed to be.

A 2017 study by MHA showed, only 29 per cent of Americans were happy with their job. Wow, that is not great news for the other 71 per cent, is it? Now with the pandemic, it is must be even worst than ever.

If we want to buck the downward spiral of unhappiness in the workplace and in life, we need to apply different thinking methods for making choices. But first, we require to do a little work to understand and assess if we are in the right place and if we are supposed to be here at all. 

So what is self-Leadership anyway?

Knowing your self requires having self-awareness and conscious awareness of who you are and designing a plan based on various ideas. 

It is about who you want to be and what you want to do on a professional basis and personal level. Self-awareness is being conscious of your own character, strengths, motivations and traits.

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 It also means having a firm grasp of how others view you. 

Readiness to Test Your Theories about Who You Think You Are and Who You Want to Be. 

We all wander around with an idea of who we aspire to be and what we want to do, but some of us are not so good at acting upon those thoughts. Owning your intention challenges you to take a chance and test your theories about what your passions are and those "if ..then" statements. 

Let me give you an example.

If I open my own doctor's practice, I will be far more content than working shifts in a clinic. If I start that coffee shop business I have been dreaming about for the last ten years, it will be considerably better than managing someone else's business and building their dreams. 

Designing yourself compels you to take action to validate your perceptions about yourself.  

Visualise Three Scenarios for your Future

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans from Stanford University suggest that you examine three ideas for your life before taking the plunge. This action is significant if you have several concepts of what it is you want to do.

First, you start to think about redesigning your career, if professional or some part of your life is personal that allows you to experience the things you enjoy most. This action will enable you to determine if your self-assessment is accurate or if you are moving down the wrong path.

Define Your Other Life:

So now imagine you have lost your job and you can't do the role you had done for many years. 

Is there another job you would perform? 

Think of this as your "dream job." 

What is the thing you would do in place of this?

Attraction Lifestyle

This final approach is perhaps your most authentic life design. 

So now imagine if you did not have any money worries? 

What would you do? 

Picture a world where you did not have to bother about the rent, mortgage, car payment, or supermarket bill each month. You have all of the money in the universe. 

Now what? 

What is it that you would do to reach fulfilment? 

Achieve a great satisfaction.

Great, you envisioned these three situations; your goal can be to reach out to someone savouring the life you aspire to enjoy in one of these three areas. 

Once you have those conversations or perhaps even experience a day in the life of someone else experiencing your design, you have the option to make one of them your own. 

Every step in the Self Leadership approach will help you build a life by your own design and not someone else's.  The question is are you ready to take the first step? The journey begins with readiness to embrace a new you. 

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Enrico Massani
Enrico Massani

Enrico Massani is an evolutionary guide enabling pioneers to design a life that they love and create a business that they are proud of without compromising on their core values. Enrico is passionate about creating change sustainably. He loves good food, enjoys nature, meditation and contemplation. He lives in Edinburgh Scotland.