5 Unrealistic Fears That Keep You Stuck

Fear holds you back. It can hold you back in relationships, friendships, networking, career, and in your dreams, too. We have a terrible habit of catastrophizing – it’s always the worst-case scenario and beyond that pops into our heads. 

Yet, rarely is that the reality. 

The majority of the fears that keep you stuck are completely unrealistic. 

You are just what someone needs. 

The right person has been looking for you for days, weeks or even years. Please don't give up or change yourself unless it makes you a better person and is what you desire.

Your fear keeps you stuck. 

Let’s look at the five most unrealistic fears. 

1. Rejection

Your thought of rejection can be overwhelming. The fear of rejection can be overwhelming, whether in a relationship or at work.

It can be awkward to approach someone on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. 

You would love to connect and start a conversation with someone, but you're afraid they will tell you no, they don't need your services. 

But let me tell you, even experienced salespeople struggle to "close" the sale for fear of rejection. 

And yes, it isn't pleasant, but hearing the word no won't kill you. Rejection is simply an opportunity to learn and grow. 

2. Failure

If we were to rate our fears, failure would probably be near the top of the list. 

Your mind loves telling you stories. Here are a few examples.

Why would I try this new thing if I don't know whether I'm good at it or not?

Why would I risk it when my success isn't guaranteed? 

I tried it before, and it didn't work. 

And the list goes on and on...

I am sure you have some of your own you can add to the list.

Embrace failure. It is just a part of life – and when you learn from it, it will fuel your success.  It takes repetition to become geniuses. Practice!

Genius effort

3. Change

The world is ever-changing, and unfortunately, many of us dread it. The business world is volatile, uncertain, ever more complex and ambiguous, and we must adapt. The pandemic has not helped. VUCA is here to stay.

Relationships change with family, changes in career, moving, and more. Social circles change as people move away, grow up, and meet new friends. 

And a new cycle begins. 

Things are constantly mutating and evolving, and often, you move with the energies and take it in your stride. 

Yet, for some reason, significant changes loom large in our lives.  Why?  It might be a painful transition period, but it's only temporary. So hang in there.

4. Inadequacy

I'm just not good enough. 

The fear of just not being enough. You turn down opportunities for promotion or the gig because you're afraid you can't do the job. 

You don't want to manage because you're so scared of inadequacy. 

Your fear of inadequacy is often overcompensated by adopting a perfectionist attitude. 

Yet, you just can't shake those feelings. Why would you let fear rob you of the opportunities you have made for yourself?

5. Hurt

choose your image

We all fear pain. If we didn't, we would be less likely to look both ways before crossing the street. 

This can result in holding yourself back. You avoid friendships, don't date, and even keep your family at a distance. 

It's just more comfortable, right?

People just disappoint. If you never let anyone close, you're shutting yourself off to some of the most basic human needs. 

Two unrealistic fears are on opposite sides of the same pole, but both keep you stuck. Sure, you can't get hurt if you don't  let people close, but you will be lonely and frustrated, bitter even.

Which just happens to be another big fear that many people hold. 

Often, people hold onto relationships they need to let go of. 

Yet, they would rather be miserable than alone. 

In summary...

Fear is powerful. It can protect us in times of danger and guide us when times are fraught. 

Yet, when we give credence to these unrealistic fears, the only thing it does is keep you stuck. 

Which of the fears above affects you? And, how are they holding you back? 

Is it time to ask for a promotion or raise? 

The worst-case scenario is your boss says no. 

Do you want to ask someone out? 

The worst thing that can happen is they say no. 

Is your calling gnawing at you, keeping you up at night?

Take your first step and talk to someone about your vision. 

It's like ripping off a plaster– it might sting a little, but it doesn't last long. 

Are you are ready to take your first step? 

Then,  I invite you to download my guide and planner to start to Grow a New YOU, "Embrace Your Discomfort Zone" and start a new life. 

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Enrico Massani
Enrico Massani

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